Proving that “modern design icon” doesn’t have to mean “minimal,” we present a side-by-side comparo of two equally priced 20th-century classics.

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On your left: The original Poodle Lamp, by the late decorator-to-the-stars Phyllis Morris, who penned this pup in 1957. Modeled after her own pooch Pinky (we don’t make this stuff up), the dog that once shook a swank Holly-wood by the tail is back, thanks to the discovery of the original molds by Morris’ daughter.

On your right: The less-is-more Bauhaus table lamp by German design pioneers Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Carl Jucker. Almost 30 years the poodle’s senior, this little illuminator is a sleek study in proportion and materials. Its combination of clear and opaline glass and nickel-plated metalwork helped land it in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, which sells it today.
So, for your $700, which one to go with? Doggone if we could decide. Poodle lamp, $650, (310) 289-6868,; Bauhaus lamp, $695, (800) 793-3167,