Once, a house call meant the doctor came to your house. In the future, the house will make the call. That’s the promise of the medical “smart home” at the University of Rochester (www.futurehealth.rochester.edu). Technology inside the prototype home makes it a “personal healthcare assistant,” according to Philippe Fauchet, the university’s director of the Center for Future Health. A mirror, for example, takes 3-D textured images of your skin to detect lesions before the eye can see them; a bandage embedded with microchip sensors identifies the presence of harmful bacteria; and a computer-animated talking pill gives advice on medication. “It’s technology to help people stay healthy as long as possible in their own homes,” Fauchet says.

starbucks is rolling
20 million served a week
starbucks is now the fastest-growing takeout operation in history. it opened its first store in 1971 in seattle’s pike place market; its second, 13 years later. now, with more than 5,700 stores worldwide, starbucks serves nearly 20 million customers a week.