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In 2003, watchmakers at Philip Stein had the brilliant idea to incorporate electromagnetic-frequency devices, which would emit an imperceptible vibration, into their watches. The purpose of the device? To help the body relieve stress and relax. The concept was born from the fact that everything, including the Earth itself, has a natural frequency that keeps it running smoothly — so why not put man and land on the same general frequency (roughly seven to nine hertz) to create a healthy sense of balance between the two?

Granted, the notion of wellness and watches don’t naturally go hand in hand , so to speak. But the Miami-based company wanted to prove that watches could be more than just timekeeping fashion accessories — they could also be used to create a feeling of well-being. To further that goal, Philip Stein recently introduced watches with Natural Frequency, a similar technology that uses a metal disk inside the watch to expose the body to “healthful” frequencies. Unlike crystals and magnets that promise a calming effect, natural frequencies target specific body needs (like stress, energy and sleep deprivation). To prove its effectiveness, the brand commissioned an independent clinical sleep study and discovered that 96 percent of those who wore the natural-frequency watch experienced better sleep and woke up feeling more refreshed. Another plus: “Many of our wearers [including Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and Samuel L. Jackson] say they have experienced less jet lag when traveling,” says Will Stein, the company’s founder and chief executive. “The watch makes the wearer more resilient to stress and, as a result, [it] balances the body’s energy.” From $395 to $20,000, (888) 218-6930, www.philipstein.com


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