Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett said that Minneapolis is "the best-kept secret in the world." How would you describe Philadelphia?
[Laughs] If Kevin Garnett thinks Minneapolis is the best-kept secret, he definitely needs to come to Philadelphia. You're talking about a great city with a lot of history and culture, with some outstanding sports traditions, like the 76ers with Dr. J., the Phillies with Lenny Dykstra, Ron Jaworski with the Eagles, hockey's Bobby Clarke and his Broad Street Bullies. You're talking about memorable guys who create legends for a city. People grow up watching this rich tradition, and when they're older, they're giving up their hard-earned dollars to be season ticket holders and they're passing their tickets on to their kids. You can't beat the tradition in Philadelphia. It's a big-league city in every way.

Describe the Super Bowl experience. 
Your mouth is watering wanting to be there until you finally get that taste in your mouth, and then the experience is hard to explain. When you arrive, you're in awe as you go through media obligations. By Wednesday, that's when you start focusing in on football, and from then on, you treat it as just a normal game.

Not winning the championship, do you feel even more impetus to get back?
 Believe me, of anyone who's ever played or is playing now, I am probably the most hungry to return to win the whole thing. It just burns in me.

Does that fire burn when you're playing video games as well? I heard it can really get competitive in the Eagles' locker room. 
I play against my brother Sean and my teammates. It's very big in the athletic world. We have TV monitors set up in our Eagles' lounge area. Two of the monitors are connected because we have Halo - a sci-fi shooter game - tournaments, where you have three-on-three matchups. After practice, guys are running in there to get a game in. It gets real intense. If your team loses, you've got to sit it out. It's real funny. The guys are trash-talking, and you get to see some different sides of guys when you're reminding them how bad they played.

Since you're so well known in Philadelphia, where can you go and relax? 
I like to go on a restaurant tour on weekends, looking for new places to eat in Old City or along the waterfront. Places where I can get a little privacy and just enjoy being downtown. I know some owners of different restaurants and clubs where I can bring my family, maybe to celebrate a big win. Where I don't have to worry about any distractions. But if I tell you, then everyone's going to turn up there.

Okay, so what are some of the restaurants you can tell us about? 
Old City has a cool restaurant scene. I like the Continental. You start with the salad, and it's one of those big bowls where they throw different ingredients in, your greens, tomatoes, different cheeses, maybe some seafood. Or maybe they mix you up a big old Caesar. Then you hit the calamari or grilled salmon. If you're into meat, go for the filet mignon. The Continental also has an award-winning martini selection. I also like Tangerine with its Mediterranean food and Kasbah atmosphere. Or go over to the Palm on Broad Street. It's a terrific steak house with huge steaks and chops, real tasty crab cakes, and potatoes cooked in every way.

Any restaurant in the area that comes close to reproducing your mom's home cooking? 
I'm biased, but I'd have to say no. I just can't get those red beans and rice like Mom makes them, or that macaroni and cheese, you know.

Speaking of, where do you like to take your parents when they visit? 
They like to go to the Palm, too. It's a classic meat-and-potatoes place.