Have your department or team sponsor a local community group whose values reflect the values you seek others to understand, for example, Meals on Wheels.

Conduct yourself in a way that reflects the values you wish the company and your employees to adopt. When people recognize your contribution to the company is linked to your values, they will be more inclined to listen to you.


Personally sponsor an after-work discussion group on topics that interest you. You never know when those topics and relationships will attract the attention of higher-ups and become adopted by the company.

Initiate corporate sponsorship of programs like Habitat for Humanity.

Find jobs and people in the company who align with your interests, talents, and beliefs.

Ask the company to sponsor training that is self-development oriented.

Talk in terms of values, ethics, respect, leadership, and teamwork — not spirituality, at least at first, though spirituality may be the underlying theme. Religion and spirituality can make managers and HR people nervous.

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tavis coburn is a graduate of art center college of design. he is an award-winning illustrator whose clients include rolling stone, time, newsweek, entertainment weekly, ford, and forum snowboards. he currently lives in los angeles.