You’d think Marvel Comics would hire an exterminator by now, what with all these mysterious spiders turning young people into web-slinging freaks. Here, an abbreviated history of Spideys born from the bite.

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1962: Amazing Spider-Man
The original version established a story arc that prevailed for decades: Mild-mannered teen gets bitten, gains powers and becomes a crime fighter after the unjust death of his uncle Ben.

1977: Spider-Man (TV)
The web-slinger’s TV debut felt very ’70s, what with all the funk music and karate scenes. Alas, Spidey got only one season on CBS.

1992: Spider-Man 2099
On his 30th anniversary, Spider-Man received a futuristic makeover and a new identity: Miguel O’Hara, a genius geneticist altered by an experiment gone awry.

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2000: Ultimate Spider-Man
As the original series neared its 500th issue, Marvel began retelling Peter Parker’s story: same costume but modernized surroundings and versions of classic villains.

2009: Spider-Man Noir
An alternate Peter Parker in 1933 America gets tangled in a Depression-era web of corruption and tries to take down the mob from within as a crime-fighting vigilante.