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Arizona‘s Horseshoe Bend
© Peter Ensenberger

Tips for Shooting:

1) Light is the priority. Be aware of it and how it strikes your subject.

2)Keep compositions simple; moving closer eliminates distractions.

3)Tell a story in your photos — capture the ironic, the unusual and the unexpected.

Thanks to the high-quality photo capability of today’s smartphones and PDAs (not to mention slick apps like Hipstamatic), the average vacation has now turned into a Pulitzer Prize–winning photo op and spawned many a budding professional photographer the world over. Now, anyone who wants to take his or her newfound passion to the next level can sign up for a photo-specific tour led by the likes of Peter Ensenberger, an award-winning photographer and a former director of photography at Arizona Highways magazine. Photo Tours Unlimited provides customized itineraries — you pick a spot on any continent, your traveling companion(s) and the “star” factor (from five stars on down to a no-star campout with MREs) — designed for aspiring shutterbugs who love to travel and who want to bump up their skill level. Ensenberger’s staff handles all trip logistics and details. Shooting schedules are based upon optimal light conditions, as well as on seasonal changes and local events. And forget about a group trip where experience levels vary, says Ensenberger, whose work has taken him all over the world. “It’s hands-on; the emphasis is on the individual.” His recently published book, Focus on Composing Photos (Focal Press, $20), breaks down what you need to know in prose that’s easy to file in the memory bank — and employ on tour. (480) 897-2952, www.phototoursunlimited.com