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Singer-songwriter Pete Yorn takes a different approach on his latest album.

SINCE HE ALREADY HAD A TRIO OF SOLID RECORDS UNDER HIS BELT and a strong following, singer-songwriter Pete Yorn may have found it tempting when creating his new album to stick with the formula that had worked for him in the past. But rather than take the easy route, he switched things up on his upcoming release, titled Back & Fourth (Sony, $16).

Yorn, a New Jersey native, recorded his first three albums -- which he considers a trilogy -- near his adopted hometown of Los Angeles. This time, he opted to record in the more low-key locale of Omaha, Nebraska, where Mike Mogis, a veteran producer who’s worked with bands like Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley, lives and works. And location wasn’t the only thing that was new territory with this album for Yorn, who turns 35 this month. “On my other records, I played all the stuff myself and layered it on computers,” he says. “For this one, I had a batch of songs I’d written that I just wanted to capture with a bunch of humans -- real people playing music together in a room, feeding off each other.”