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Buried under the postholiday stress of writing thank-you notes? Then rest easy, friends, because things are looking up for you. Just visit Thankster.com, download the nifty HandFont form, fill it out (this will take mere seconds), scan or email the form and presto — you now have a personalized font, created from your own handwriting. Now, choose your card(s), type your message(s), fill out the envelope(s) and, boom, done. No cramped hand from writing 52 gabillion thank-you notes, the personal touch is still there, and your individualized font is now stored on Thankster.com for future use.

And for those of you whose penmanship is the equivalent of chicken scratch, there are also a variety of preexisting “handwriting” fonts. Prices start at $.69 per card with a subscription; general use is $2 per card.