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There is a trio of new and recently refurbished golf courses in St. Andrews, Scotland, just begging for your attention.

in the ancient home of golf when the layout known to locals as the New Course has been around since 1895. Welcome to St. Andrews, the quaint Scottish town where golf took root in the Middle Ages, back when it was played with wooden sticks and a leather ball.

Change comes slowly to this seaside landscape -- in addition to the New Course, there is, of course, the Old Course, whose fabled swales and hollows have bedeviled golfers for 600 years -- but that’s not to say it doesn’t come at all.

Recently, local clubhouse talk has shifted from the town’s historic links to a trio of new and renovated courses piquing the interest of golfers around the world.

Designed by acclaimed architects, the courses sit on bluffs overlooking St. Andrews, their stirring views a match for their shot-making demands. But along with sweeping vistas, their fairways offer a fresh local perspective on a game whose roots extend back to the distant past.

“Golfers are drawn to St. Andrews for the history, and with good reason,” says Colin Dalgleish, director and cofounder of Perry Golf, the largest golf-tour company in the United Kingdom. “But what these new courses show is that for all the great tradition, golf here isn’t trapped in time.”

Here’s a look at the shifting golf scene in the venerable St. Andrews, where everything old is new again.