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Doug Hyun/tnt

In TNT’s new series, Perception, Rachael Leigh Cook stars as an upstart FBI agent who solves cases with her former neuroscientist professor, played by Eric McCormack. We donned our own (pretend) FBI badges and tried to get the 32-year-old actress to crack with our tough line of questioning.

Your best FBI skill: Wearing and/or flashing the badge. Not to brag, but I think I’ve got it down.

Coolest part of working for the FBI: See above, regarding badge flashing.

FBI slang you now use: None yet, but my character does have moments of speaking a bit like a character out of a Mickey Spillane novel, so I do get to break out old-school classics like “cronies” and “stooge.”

Your favorite cop movie: The one that jumps to mind is Narc with Ray Liotta and Jason Patric. What a cool movie. Incredible performances. A close second would be Fargo. That Marge Gunderson is one tough cop.

The crime you could commit and get away with: None. Ever. With the possible exception of illegal U-turns, a crime at which I am a repeat offender.

Your own perception level, from 1 to 10: I’d say 7.5. I’m not bad, but human nature still shocks me on a regular basis.

Ability to fake your way through a lie-detector test: That depends. Am I protecting American top-secret intelligence, or [am I] on Maury? Sidebar, I am not that baby’s father.