"Save plastic bags from the dry cleaner, and put each shirt insidea separate bag. The plastic bags allow for slippage
instead of the normal friction that produces wrinkled shirts."
- Monty E. Simpkins, Oklahoma City, echoed by hundreds of roadwarrior entrants

"I put the suitcase on a coffee table and lay the largest garmentsin it. I continue laying the garments at right angles to oneanother until everything has been put in, one by one, on top of thelast single layer. Then, I go around the suitcase and bring up theoverhanging parts from each side, one garment at a time, so theycrisscross - this way there will be a minimum of wrinkles. Shoesand small items fit neatly around the edges."
- Mary V. Hayes, Glenview, Illinois

"Keep a suitcase packed with the basics: toiletries, lint brush,umbrella, running shoes, shorts, shirt, dress and sport shirts,undergarments, sport slacks, laptop computer power cord and phonecord, etc. In a matter of five or 10 minutes, I can be out of thehouse and on my way to the airport."
- J. Brooks Bradley, Plano, Texas

"Pack heavy items in the bottom, near the wheels. Pack in layers ofoutfits - pants, shirt, and undergarments all in one layer. Packdirty clothes in a laundry bag, and put that on top of the layer ofclean clothes for the next day. When I get to my next hotel, Iremove the laundry bag to surface the next layer, and the cyclestarts all over again."
- Robert M. Japikse, Troy, Ohio

"Travel light. Take no more than two sport coats or suits and twopairs of shoes, one of which I wear. If you work out on the road,buy a pair of collapsible running shoes."
- Dean Lackey, Dove Canyon, California