Tradeshow Pro: We all know wheeled cases aren't optimal forthe crowded tradeshow floor. Next COMDEX or CES, take along theTargus Sport Deluxe Computer Backpack. It boasts enough outsidepockets and loops to attach almost anything, and you can load itwith all the essentials and still carry in comfort thanks to thesemirigid curved plastic back brace and cushioned shoulder straps.Your computer rides in padded comfort, and multiple compartmentshold files and accessories. $90;
Neither Shaken Nor Stirred: In the 1930s, Erle P.Halliburton, a road warrior tired of luggage that didn't protecthis clothing and important papers, set out to develop the ultimatetravel case. The
result? The gleaming Zero Halliburton aluminum case reeks of"serious traveler." The line's elegant notebook case has a thick,shock-absorbent interior, plus a neoprene gasket that protects yourcom-
puter from moist climes. Something this sturdy ob-viously travelswith a lifetime warranty. $250;

You've Arrived: With its sturdy soft-milled full-grain hideand pewter-finished hardware, Jack Georges Platinum Light takesyour laptop to the next level. Remember your taste changing fromsofter merlots to beefy cabs and knowing your finance departmentwouldn't question a $250 dinner for two? This is the laptopequivalent. $275;

Upwardly Mobile: Kenneth Cole's Port-rait of Perfection is asleek imported-leather portfolio with a secure flap-over front, twofront pockets, a padded, removable computer sleeve, and multiplecompartments for all your essential stuff. $275;
From the thousands of entries in our inaugural 2001 Road WarriorSearch, we gleaned the following tips for making the most of yourdays, and nights, on the road.