LAPTOP LIGHT: Plug the Kensington FlyLight into your USBport and get illumination for tray-table work. $20;

PORTABLE KEYBOARD: Almost full-size keyboard that folds inquarters. $99; case, $29;

LAPTOP: Dell Latitude C400 with combo DVD/CD-RW drive, Wi-Ficard for wireless networking and Internet, and extra battery.$2,600;

MP3 PLAYER: Take your entire music collection with you onApple's easy-to-use iPod. This player is best of breed. $399;

SURGE PROTECTOR: APC's SurgeArrest Pro adjusts to powersources in any country, and it comes with a $5,000equipment-protection plan. $40;

WORLD PHONE: The Ericsson T39 works in more than 120countries, has super-fast Web connectivity, and is compatible withwireless Bluetooth headsets. $299;

DC ADAPTER: Targus' Universal Auto/Air Adapter covers allyour devices, laptop to mobile phone, in your airplane seat and inthe car. $120, some connection tips sold separately;

DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER: Sony ICD-BP120 is slip-thin, buthefty enough to hold five hours of verbal notes. Compatible's audio-tomes. $200;

PHONE HEADSET: Ericsson HBH-15. Wireless is where it's at.$200;

Mission: Find a carry-on that fits in the overhead without ashoe- horn, has plenty of necessary compartments (but no frivolousextras), wheels easily through concourse and hotel, and makes thedurability grade. From the Pacific Northwest to London, our editorstook to the air with a slew of bags, and came up with a handfulthat meet the mark.