The more mobile you are, the more successful you'll be, say many of our seasoned travel vets. Pack your laptop case with the following super-useful gadgetry, and you'll be among the road-warrior elite, ready for almost any electronic situation you'll encounter.
THEATER GOGGLES: Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-200 resemble oversizesunglasses, but let you view DVDs on a virtual 52-inch screen.$499;

PDA: Toshiba e570 with two expansion slots, built-in voicerecording, MP3, 64MB of memory, and all other PDA functions. $569; Or,try Compaq's iPAQ 3835 (NS). $599;

HEADPHONES: Bose QuietComfort filters out background noiseand adapts to almost every headphone- specific appliance. $299;

USB MOBILE PHONE CHARGER: A unique little addition to yourlaptop case is APC's Ericsson mobile phone charger, whichconveniently plugs into your USB port. $25;

USB HUB: To connect mouse, light, and anything else youplease at the same time, use Belkin's pager-size four-port pockethub. $60;

POWER OUTLET ADAPTER: The Franzus All-in-One Adapter Plugcontains four outlet configurations and covers a slew of countries.$20;

TRAVEL MOUSE: The minuscule Atek Super Mini Optical Mouselets you forgo the track pad. $50;

MINI SCANNER: The QuickLink Pen lets you copy wine labels orboring documents with equal ease, up to 1,000 pages' worth in adevice the size of a highlighter. $130;