The BlackBerry e-mail device you’ve heard so much about just got better. Research in Motion’s new messaging tool combines a clever, multitalented pager with a stylish PDA package. Send and receive e-mail, yes, but also plan your daily schedule and check on stocks and news wirelessly via the Internet. Service providers include Bell South (RIM 957) and Motient (RIM 857). www.blackberry.net


With its QWERTY keyboard and easy-to-read color display, the compact Accompli resembles a sort of shrink-to-fit laptop. We like the built-in keyboard, where 10 dedicated keys open up e-mail, a notepad, and that time-management and contact stuff you first bought a PDA for. It syncs with your other gadgets. And should your ISP’s server crash, no worries — you can send documents via the infrared dataport. Expected to be available in April; www.motorola.com


As a stand-alone pager, the @ctiveLink can receive and store up to 500 messages a month, and let you know they’ve arrived via audible or visual alerts. Pop it atop a Handspring Visor, though, and the @ctiveLink can almost, well, turn handsprings. You can send and receive e-mail; hop on the Internet for news, weather, stock listings, and more; even log on to grab your company client lists and co-worker’s schedules. Now bundled with the Visor (about $430) at hs.palmgear.com; available separately within the next few months at www.glenayre.com