Working off your laptop’s USB port, this compact, adjustable illuminator directs brightness aplenty when and where you need it: darkened meeting rooms, hotel lounges, and late-night flights, among others. And by opting for a long-lasting (as in a full decade, with normal use) LED, as opposed to standard incandescent bulbs, the FlyLight barely dents your notebook’s energy supply, averaging less than 90 seconds per hour of battery life. (888) 313-5215

Plug an unprotected notebook into a hotel or office complex’s high-speed digital phone lines and zap! — there goes your modem. Instead, pop your laptop into this portable firewall to protect against nasty current surges (the four-slot switch lets you adjust to any system’s power level) and, via a second USB port, go right ahead and add a mouse, printer, or scanner to finish up your project. (800) 275-6354

Hand-held fans should take a shine to this petite, to-the-point keyboard. For starters, you can skip the stylus and handwriting recognition in favor of an exact, fingertip-touch QWERTY format. This mini-gem also comes with its own power supply (two lithium batteries) and is OS-compatible, a perfect fit for Palms and Handspring Visors. The price also rings nice: about half that of collapsible PDA keyboards. (800) 945-4545