11. WIN BOOK X2 ($2,999)
Light (5.2 pounds), lean, and loaded with neat extras, this new ultra-thin notebook makes road shows fast and fun. www.winbook.com

12. iPAQ POCKET PC (from $449)
The high-res TFT display brims with crisp text and colorful graphics, in full sun or on an overnight flight. A 32MB memory and cool add-ons let you send and store schedules, records, e-mails, and digital audio, and download Internet info. (800) 888-5858

13. IBM THINKPAD TRANSNOTE (from $2,999)
This nifty, 5.5-pound notebook lets you hand-write text and graphics (memos, artwork, “to do” lists) on the ThinkScribe notepad, then transfer everything digitally to the attached ThinkPad (600MHz P-III processor, 64MB of RAM, 10GB hard drive). (888) 746-7426

14. ELECTRIC FUEL INSTANT POWER CHARGER ($19.95 for PDA; $14.95 for phone unit)
For the cost of a cheap meal, this tiny cartridge can prove a lifesaver, bringing dead phone and PDA batteries back to life in mid-message. (888) 996-4440