What about hotels in the area?
"In Dallas, I usually stay downtown. There are several wonderful hotels with great service and accommodations, most of which were just being built when I lived there. The Fairmont was the first Dallas hotel I ever stayed in. The restaurant at The Mansion on Turtle Creek hotel is a legendary place for lunch. It's famous for its tortilla soup. And you don't need to add Tabasco to it!"

Dallas is also legendary as being the site of the JFK assassination. Have you been to the Sixth Floor Museum, which chronicles the event?
"Yes, and it's definitely a worthwhile stop for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of what happened on that dreadful day. It's a chilling experience to visit the museum, which is located in the former Texas School Book Depository. It has memorabilia, exhibits, and news soundtracks from November 22, 1963, as well as the view into Dealey Plaza."

What's an indelible memory you have of Dallas/Fort Worth?
"I grew up Chicago, but I have deep roots in both Dallas and Fort Worth, and I will always appreciate how kind people were to me when I arrived. I came with no friends and no contacts, but both cities are places where you don't have to have family connections to succeed. People are embraced who are motivated and energetic, which I certainly tried to be. Since I was a reporter, it was important to meet as many people as possible. I had a blank Rolodex that I needed to fill quickly. Once I started establishing relationships, I felt like I was genuinely a part of the community, and that made all the difference in my reporting. I thrived on the experience."

she said...here are the places paula zahn frequented in dallas/fort worth.