Okay then, what are some of your favorite non-food spots?
"The Fort Worth Stock Yards. I was there both on and off the job. I covered stories there, often related to the development of the area. The White Elephant Saloon is in the Stockyards, and it was always very popular. It's on Exchange Avenue, which is the place to shop if you want clothing that is distinctly Western, like hand-tooled belts and cowboy boots, which you'll need when you're two-stepping at Billy Bob's."

Fort Worth has quite a bit of culture, too, doesn't it?
"Yes. The Kimbell Art Museum is a treasure. The building itself is a work of art. It was designed by Louis Kahn, who flooded it with natural light, which showcases the art in a way that artificial light never could. The collection includes everything from the impressionists, Cézanne and Matisse being two of my favorites, to Asian and African art. I've spent hours in the Kimbell and always recommend it to friends. You can spend a day in the Fort Worth museum district, going from the Kimbell to the Amon Carter, which has incredible Western art, and to the Modern Art Museum. Nearby is the new Cowgirl Hall of Fame, which recognizes the contributions of women like Annie Oakley and Dale Evans."

Shopping is a big pastime in Dallas. Where did you like to go?
"I didn't have too much time to shop, but I'd heard of Neiman Marcus and knew it from the catalog. Retail therapy was one way to decompress after long days at the station, but the danger was it was so easy to blow past my monthly budget. In retrospect, that was a good thing. However, I certainly enjoyed what time I did spend at NorthPark, which is a real shopping mecca."