Given that Paul Turner had already revolutionized the mountain-bike industry once when he invented the RockShox suspension fork in 1989, perhaps it should come as no surprise that he’s done it again. Turner, who left RockShox in 1998, recently unveiled the fruit of the four years since: the Maverick ML7 ($2,695 for frame and fork; complete bikes start at $4,900). Turner’s new creation is a full-suspension bike like no other. That’s because it allows the rear wheel to travel in a 15-degree reward arc when it hits bumps, resulting in a plusher, more responsive ride. Too, while most full-suspension bikes tend to “wallow” under hard pedaling, the ML7 isolates the suspension from pedaling forces, making it just as responsive on smooth terrain. Want further proof that this is the design of the future? It’s already been licensed by two leading bicycle manufacturers, Klein and Seven Cycles. (303) 415-0370 or