print it! of course, taking photographs is only half the fun. add to it the satisfaction of printing the image to share with family and friends, or frame it as your pièce de résistance. of course, to do this you’ll have to invest in a good photo-quality printer, and here again you have a competitive blend of choices — from canon to epson to hp and back again.

the kodak ez share system — with its new 4-megapixel dx7430 and printing dock 6000 — is an excellent, easy-to-use combination of camera and printer that eliminates the need for a computer.

more exciting is the trend toward wide-format printers. just last year, affordable digital cameras provided medium resolution suitable for framing 11 x 14 prints, but most standard printers were only capable of printing an 8 x 10.

now that printer technology has caught up, it makes sense to take advantage of that pixel power in your camera and buy a wide-format printer that can produce a stunningly beautiful 13 x 19 print.

the epson 2200 wide-format workhorse is the standard bearer of professional photographers, but the printer’s supremacy is fiercely challenged by canon’s recently released i9900 wide-format printer, which produces gallery-worthy prints. hp’s new flagship, the photosmart 7960, comes with a 2.5-inch color lcd for previewing and provides elegant results. and they are all capable of printing on 4 x 6 paper.

rapid advances in digital cameras, coupled with refinements in print production add up to some exciting times in photography. so don’t be left behind. chuck the film and go digital.

fort worth-based mark kienzle is a digicam aficionado.