Blogger Patrick Gray, a project-management consultant who’s on the road much of the year, deals dispatches from wherever he is to travel voyeurs and fellow road warriors. Now he’s talking to us. 

You work hard all day. Why spend time on a blog?
When I was in college, I was torn between business and writing. I chose business, and now I get burned out on writing business propaganda, so the blog is my outlet.

What’s your favorite subject?
I write about the nuances I see as I travel. After my first real, official British football match, I wrote about the differences between the American and British cultures.

So, do readers get a play-by-play of your daily life?
It’s not a diary; I don’t just write about anything. I go for quality. I can take two or three days to write a little post. Some blogs get updated a lot, but it’s stuff like, “I just had a cookie” or “I just went to the bathroom.” That’s too much.