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AOC Breeze

Powerful and portable, part tool and part toy, tablets are the latest rage in personal ?computing — and the newest gadget that busy travelers won’t want to do without.

AOC, a global leader in high-definition technology, has made a splashy entrance to the tablet market with its sleek new Breeze ($180, www.aoc.com), a lightweight device that packs a wallop of heavyweight features in its 1.1-pound frame. It runs on Google Android 2.1 and puts the Internet, movies, games and music at your fingertips on an 8-inch touch screen. Another tablet to watch out for is the Samsung Galaxy Tab ($399, www.samsung.com), with an arsenal that includes Wi-Fi,
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Samsung Galaxy Tab
Bluetooth, GPS, a front-facing camera and an extra-large battery that allows for seven hours of movie viewing. Then there’s the Motorola Xoom (price TBD, www.motorola.com), which is the first tablet with a dual-core processor for faster downloads and media streaming. Among its other capabilities: an HD camcorder, a front-facing webcam and pinch-to-zoom navigation on a 10.1-inch screen.