To paraphrase philosopher Thomas Carlyle: Without tools, man is nothing. Therefore, dear road warriors, we present you with the following to help make your travels a little easier. By Jill Becker

Health: Staying fit is hard enough when you're at home, much less when you're forever on the road. Fear not, for the authors of The Athletic-Minded Traveler: Where to Work Out and Stay when Fitness Is a Priority have created a web version of their best-selling book, with expanded information on more than 80 destinations. Insiders in each city weigh in on everything from ­fitness-focused hotels to diet-conscious dining rooms to site-specific workouts. A subscription is $20 a year; corporate plans are also available. www.­

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Packing: Have the latest airport regulations got you down? Makeup maven Bobbi Brown has made it easy for you to pack your favorite skin-care essentials with her new Empties. Just fill these lightweight, legal-size jars and bottles with your favorite creams and lotions, slap on a label, and stay fresh and flawless during your travels. $10 for the set, which includes a funnel and a spatula.

Convenience: Running late for your plane and don't have time to hassle with parking? Our friends at the Parking Spot, with those eye-catching yellow-and-black-spotted vans, now offer On-Airport Valet parking at DFW ­Airport. Simply pull up to the Parking Spot station across from your terminal, hand over your keys, and scurry off to your gate. Upon your return, an employee will retrieve your ride and meet you at your terminal. For a little extra, they'll even detail your car and fill up the gas tank, if you like. Reservations required. $20 a day, plus tax.

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Travel Companion: Little Cream Books are handy hardback guidebooks that spotlight a specific travel theme such as romance, golf, architecture, health, or drives. Full of info compiled by upscale event and travel planners, each edition is formatted like an address book and focuses on the finer things in life in 26 destinations across the globe. $19, including deluxe gift box.

High Tech: How sweet would it be to have the option of checking in to your hotel before you get there? Marriott Hotels has been testing a wireless check-in system at its Town Center locale in Redmond, Washington. While in transit to the hotel, guests with Windows-powered Mobile Smartphones or laptops can simply connect to the hotel’s property-management system, check in, and then pick up their room keys from an automatic dispenser in the hotel lobby. By the time you read this, testing should be complete, and a rollout plan for wireless check-in at all of its hotels will be well under way.