Citywide WiFi is sweeping the United States — and the rest of the world — because of its appeal to businesses and residents alike. According to Faulkner, here are the cities leading the charge to get you online anywhere, from a city park to a parked car. 

1-New Orleans. Part of the city’s rebuilding plan, WiFi is already up and running in the French Quarter.

2-San Francisco. One of the largest soon-to-be-citywide networks, set up in partnership with Google.

3-Tempe, Arizona. The first U.S. city to deploy WiFi citywide.

4-Niue. Not just a city but an entire Polynesian nation will go WiFi.

5-Prague, Czech Republic. The Paris of Eastern Europe will soon have more WiFi than, well, Paris.

6-Chicago. Naturally, because the Windy City is a tech hub for the Internet.

7-Dayton, Ohio. One of the smaller cities going WiFi in hopes of attracting businesses and rejuvenating downtown.

8-Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT’s high-tech brainpower boosted WiFi big-time.

9-Madison, Wisconsin. Another college town — and another small city hoping to rev up its economy.

10-Taipei, Taiwan. Chipmakers’ wonderland marries wireless networking.