"I would have dinner at Alain Passard's restaurant L'Arpège. It's very modern and not too far from any of the hotels. Their specialty is the tomatoes for dessert. It's sweet, but not overly sweet, and they serve it with mint ice cream. It's very tasty, very frosty. When I was probably seven-and-a-half-months pregnant, we went to L'Arpège. We walked back to the Ritz from there, which was like 20 minutes. We make a habit of walking after dinner. Guy Savoy is a good restaurant, too, and one that we go to all the time."

"I like to go to the ballet, Opéra Bastille, because you don't have to worry about the language. We go there often. One of my favorite ballets, which I hadn't seen since I was young, is Swan Lake. We got to see a new adaptation of it, which was fabulous because it was all men. You have to go to the ballet, because there's no language barrier, although we do speak French now. But I still find it sometimes difficult to follow theater in French."


"As far as a patisserie goes, Pierre Hermé is very special. They present all of their sweets in the window just like at a jewelry store. At first, you think it is a jewelry store. Mutt's big on chocolate, so he'll often eat something that's chocolate. Mille-feuille is something we both really love. It's all beautiful tasting, but the presentation is just so incredible."

"We always go to the Louvre. It's so famous, and everybody goes there, but they have new things going on all the time. Every few months they have a big new exhibit, and we always want to know what it is, because we've seen the classical stuff many times. Whenever I take a friend, we always have to see the Mona Lisa and all the classical things, and you never get tired of seeing them. But I'm always interested in what they're bringing in, too. It's very important when you're in Paris just to walk around and see what exhibits are going on. The Grande Arche de la Défense is another must-see that has great exhibits. It's glass and metal and pretty spectacular. It kind of blends in with the sky. A very high building. A real skyscraper. In the top of it they have fabulous art exhibits that change all the time."