"On our first night back, we would probably go to the Alain Ducasse restaurant in the Hotel Plaza Athénée. It's first-class service and true gastronomic food. If you want to experience the best French cuisine, it is the classic place to go. A typical meal there would be champagne, then a couple of amuse-bouches, then a couple of appetizers, then your entree, which is usually two to three different dishes. So that's like seven things now. Then they have anywhere from two to three desserts. It's nothing to get 10 different plates of something there. It takes three to five hours to have dinner, and you have to reserve several months in
advance. You can get in a little bit easier for lunch."

"We don't do nightlife in Paris, because we like to dine in Paris and it's such a long dinner experience. By the time you're done, you're happy just to take a long walk or watch a movie. We always go to see a movie in Paris for some reason. We go to the theaters on the Champs-Elysées. There are a lot of choices - American movies with French subtitles."


"Even if we're not staying at the Ritz, we'll walk over there for breakfast. Because they have a beautiful dining room in a very classical style. Breakfast is great in that room."

"The statue of Joan of Arc is always impressive. It's right on the street, you don't have to pay to see it, and there's so much history there. It's something you would just take for granted walking by, and not realize that it's Joan of Arc. It's a big part of their history, but the statue isn't sitting in a museum somewhere. It's just out on the street. Cour de Rohan is a little area with tiny shops and tearooms and St.-Michel as well. Also the Sacré Coeur, the white cathedral on the hill. We went to see the Dali museum up there. It's down in the basement and unassuming, but very interesting. You can take the train down at night, and it's very scenic."