On the verge of a world tour for her latest album, the pop princess who hails from Canada, kick-started her career in Nashville, and now lives finds time for a relaxing and romantic weekend in Paris.
Sitting in a suite at the Hotel Bel-Air in Hollywood, Shania Twain is meeting with a phalanx of reporters eager to hear about her latest album, Up!, and also chatting with American Way about her passion for Paris. Back in a big way after a five-year hiatus, the 37-year-old Twain is preparing for a world tour this fall. Her previous album, Come on Over, sold 34 million copies worldwide, becoming the sixth bestselling album in U.S. history, and Up! could eventually exceed those numbers. The former Eileen Regina Edwards of Ontario, Canada, crossed over from Nashville country into pop with unparalleled ferocity and speed. Today she lives with her music producer husband, Robert John "Mutt" Lang, and their year-and-a-half-old son, Eja, in an ancient mansion in Switzerland. But when they want to get away, they head straight to the City of Light, where Mutt popped the question to Shania in a surprise engagement nine years ago. Here's a weekend with the princess of pop in Paris, the city of light, love, and more.
"Hotel Costes is cool. I especially like having lunch there. They have a terrace patio, but you can eat there all year long. I'm a vegetarian, and they have really good things there like fresh carrot juice. We also stay at the Ritz. It's a really great location, and we're suckers for the classical style. The George V is great as well. That whole area is great for shopping."