PARIS ON PARADE - U.S. Exhibits are fond of the French

In the early 1900s, Paris launched three major painters, the subjects of two new must-see exhibits:

Friends and rivals, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso established strong and distinct styles in Paris. But Fauvist influenced Cubist, and vice versa, as illustrated by 140 works in the landmark show MATISSE PICASSO at New York’s Museum of Modern Art Queens through May 20. (212) 708-9400,

Also working in the Montparnasse neighborhood, Amedeo Modigliani painted featureless portraits in sensual colors. MODIGLIANI AND THE ARTISTS OF MONTPARNASSE, on view at Fort Worth’s Kimbell Art Museum through May 25, gathers 60 paintings by the artist, as well as from contemporaries Matisse and Picasso. (817) 332-8451,