Hometown: Ketchum, Idaho

VOCATION: Former product engineer at Scott USA. Currently, a snowboarding instructor in Sun Valley, California, where I work at a golf course four days a week during the summer.
AVOCATIONS: Cross-country skiing, mountain hiking, golfing, fly-fishing, and, of course, snowboarding. Where I live, there’s so much incredible outdoors stuff to do that it’s hard to fit it all in, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.
LAST YEAR’S ITINERARY: I logged 163 hours of snowboarding instruction, with a short hiatus after having triple-bypass surgery followed by knee-replacement surgery, which was timed in the spring so I didn’t miss out on next season. Over the summer, I went fly-fishing and worked at a golf course.
WHAT’S NEXT: More of the same. What in the world would I want to change?
PROUDEST MOMENT: Hearing from friends in Pennsylvania that they saw a big billboard of me on a snowboard. I guess it’s never too late for a modeling career.
TOUGHEST PHYSICAL/HEALTH HURDLE I’VE FACED SO FAR: Kidney-stone surgery -- three times.
WHAT I’LL NEVER GIVE UP: Living my mountain lifestyle to the fullest and proving that when a doctor says I’ll be off of my feet for three months, he really means six weeks, tops.
PERFECT DAY: Gliding through a fresh blanket of powder on a snowboard with my eyes closed and the sun beaming down. That’s one of the smoothest, most beautiful rides you can have. When there’s no snow, riding a Harley through the mountains of Idaho is nice too.
MOST EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE: I’m hoping it hasn’t happened yet.
BEST PIECE OF ADVICE FOR GETTING THE MOST OUT OF LIFE: Be happy and kind to everyone. Forgive everyone regardless of what they’ve done. Do not carry around hate and ill will -- it’ll only drag you down.
LIFE PHILOSOPHY: Enjoy every moment, and remember that all life is borrowed from God. Thank him regularly, and help others along the way -- even if it’s only with a kind word.