Summer is finally here and with it comes the summer blockbusters as promised. Well, sort of. With the fear of the writers’ strike looming, film companies are trying to stretch throughout the year the movies that they have already completed. However, here are a couple of releases to start the summer off right.

EVOLUTION is a comedy written and directed by Ivan Reitman (of Ghostbusters fame) that follows the arrival of an alien life-form on the planet Earth and its subsequent “evolution.” The speed at which the aliens evolve causes panic that the beings will soon surpass humans. Starring David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, and Julianne Moore, this movie should stir up quite a few laughs from the lowly humans.

SWORDFISH is the action-packed tale of a CIA operative, played by John Travolta, and his attempt to steal $9 billion from a DEA slush fund. To do so, he must convince a computer hacker, played by Hugh Jackman (X Men), to gain access to the fund. Also starring Halle Berry and Don Cheadle, this movie promises to make Face/Off look as if it were standing still.