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Do you know how much I enjoy the variety of articles and information in American Way? Not only do most of the articles appeal to my interests, but there are always several pieces that lead me to correspond with friends. The pieces that bring my friends to mind get sent to them, and the connection feels very personal. Thank you so much.
Candace White, Santa Barbara,California

Dear Candace: You must feel the same ­connection with us, since you were inspired to correspond with us.

I was very happy to see your article "Think Globally, Eat Locally" [February 1]. I work for New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon, and our locally owned chain specializes in local products. We have a Home Grown program that not only helps the local economy but lets customers know whenever a product we're offering is from our local region. Our Home Grown region includes Oregon, Washington State, and Northern California. Color-coded signs let our customers know which products are local, and we list where each of these products comes from. We also display information about how our fish were caught (line-caught versus net-caught, for example) and whether the fish were wild or farmed. Though I wish we had been mentioned in your story, we at New Seasons Market are just happy that this food trend is spreading. When it comes to supporting local economies as well as sustainable means of farming and ranching, the more the merrier.
Adrain Thomas-EIkmann, Portland, Oregon

Dear Adrian: As we write, it's the day after Valentine's Day, and our treat bags are full of temptation. Businesses like yours make us want to eat more healthfully.

I read with great amusement your story on how to spot a travel rookie [January 15]. I particularly enjoyed the top 10 lists. However, I was amazed that my number one pet peeve wasn't mentioned: When a passenger seated behind you uses your headrest to help themselves get up from their seat. They'll pull the headrest backward in order to help pull themselves up, and then let go, which flings your head forward as if it were a slingshot. They're totally oblivious to the problems they're causing. Thanks for the article and for making me laugh out loud.
Randy Kamin, Frisco, Texas

Dear Randy: Your letter makes us think you've had the misfortune of involuntarily impersonating a slingshot more times than you care to recall. Just remember: That kind of experience builds character.

I got a big kick out of your article on how to spot rookie travelers. Just for fun, I thought I would do a little turn aboutways to identify real business travelers:
1. They think everyone is eager to hear a group of them loudlydiscuss their business conference or the terrific game of golf theyplayed during their retreat.
2. They can't live without talking on their cell phone everypossible second it is permitted and think it's okay for all of usto hear about their latest deal, their business problems, or thelatest issues at home.
3. They think it is their God-given right to use their laptop up until the very last instant it’s allowed, risking interfering with the airplane’s navigation system.
Robert Slayton, Tustin, California

Dear Robert: We don’t know what you do for a living, but please consider a career in business management. We think you’d be very good at it.

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