You’ve checked into your hotel after a long flight, and you’re wondering where to eat. Room service would be nice -- except the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant. You could ask for recommendations at the front desk, gamble on a yellow-pages listing, or venture out on your own, but those are all iffy propositions.

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Which is why we love Order Inn, a hospitality-services company whose extensive food-service menus are found in more than 8,000 lodgings of nearly every limited-service brand in about two dozen states.

“We don’t service the hotel with just pizza and breadsticks,” says Michael J. Hass, Order Inn’s vice president of marketing. “Steak, seafood, wraps, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, chicken, Mexican food -- every one of our menus has that kind of variety.” Budget-conscious and time-strapped tourists and businesspeople alike love it, Hass says, as do the hotels themselves. “They don’t want to mess with having their general manager do all that proper due diligence. That’s what we do. They have all the same services that a full-service [hotel] has, but they’re a hundred bucks less a night for the room.”

How do you Order Inn? Before you travel, click on the “available service area” link on the company’s website ( to see if your destination is covered. After that, enter the hotel’s phone number to find all the services offered.

Among the amenities included are catering -- at the hotel or off-site -- and what Order Inn calls its concierge service. For example, Hass says that if you’re looking for a gym or a Kinko’s, “the concierge tab will pull up on [Order Inn’s] page, and it’ll list all of the essential services for a business traveler or a vacationer that are specific to that market and close to the hotel.” Contact information and door-to-door directions are included -- now, that’s what we call service!

Order Up!

At Extended Stay America near Baltimore-Washington International, try the French fries with Old Bay seasoning.

At La Quinta by Houston’s Bush Airport, indulge in Chocolate Confusion, a layered mishmash of chocolate cookies, a fudge brownie, chocolate mousse, and chocolate cake.

At the Extended Stay near Fort Lauderdale’s convention center, check out the Scungilli Salad with Roasted Red Peppers.

At the Denver Airport’s La Quinta, dig into the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich.

At the DFW Hyatt Regency in Dallas- Fort Worth International Airport, go for the Rib Eye Steak Sandwich.