ELLISON: That's an area where we did compete with Microsoft's bCentral, but they've basically dropped out. The Oracle Small Business Suite is going to give the power of automation, heretofore reserved for the giants, to small companies with just five or 10 people. So whether you're running an antiques store or doctor's office, you can have your accounting, purchasing, sales, and other records automated to bring order out of chaos. And you don't even have to buy a computer because we run this as an online service [with all the software accessed via the Internet]. We think there's a very big global opportunity to service all these millions of small companies.

matt brasier is a london-based photographer who has been taking pictures since age 14.

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management according to oracle
former oracle insider stuart read worked in senior positions at the company for seven years and spent a lot of time thinking about why the company was successful. he set down oracle's unorthodox secrets in the oracle edge, and offered these oracle management tips to american way.

recruiting: "the company recruits new college graduates aggressively from a list made up of only the top colleges - and these are not just computer science majors. engineering, biology, chemistry, and math majors can bring a different perspective to the job."

training for versatility: "for oracle sales, support, marketing, and product lines, there is a yearly reorganization process that gives employees exposure to exciting new areas. this has enabled the company to adjust to a rapidly changing marketplace."