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Tyler Guthrie

For many men, boutique clothing stores suffer from too much style and not enough class. Thankfully, Seattle’s Blackbird Home & Apothecary offers a refuge for the fashionably challenged — and a knowledgeable staff to guide them. With a carefully curated mix of classic, innovative and fashion-forward brands from around the world (such as Obey, A.P.C. and Rick Owens), the store offers complimentary personal-shopping appointments and invites its customers to bring samples of their wardrobes to help enhance the collaboration.

Blackbird and its nearby Field House are located in Ballard, the city’s historic Scandinavian neighborhood. Together, the two shops offer not only men’s clothing and accessories but also wonderfully masculine colognes, badger-hair shaving brushes, an array of beard oils and a variety of essential home items. And, best of all, Blackbird’s inventory and style advice extend to its full-service online store.

5410 22nd Ave. NW
(206) 547-2524