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The new singles site on the dating scene is Nerve Dating (Dating.Nerve.com), which launched in December 2011 and is free to use. It’s a more interactive offshoot of the online-personals site Nerve.com and is offered in 13 cities, including Boston; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; New York; San Francisco; Seattle and Austin, Texas. Just like an online forum or a social-media site, Nerve Dating gives users the opportunity to interact by responding to daily prompts/posts, and their answers are visible to other subscribers.

Users comment about books, restaurants, bars/clubs, television shows, movies, music and even what they did last night. There are also polls that ask odd and fun questions of your potential partners, such as “Is Breaking Bad the best show on TV?” Think of it as online dating through a Facebook-like interface. You can even “Favorite” folks to follow before you make your move.