Erik Ostling/The CW
Think the only thing to do in Salt Lake City is ski? Here’s a reality check from Ballet West dancers (and on-again, off-again couple) REX TILTON and ALLISON DeBONA, who star on the CW docudrama Breaking Pointe, now in its second season. “There’s so much culture,” Tilton says. “We’ve got opera, theater and dance.” Still, adds DeBona, “It’s got a small-town feel. You walk in and they know your name — and I love that.” Here are some of their favorite local hangouts.

The Pie Pizzeria
Multiple locations
“It’s the perfect place to go after dancing for eight or 10 hours,” DeBona says. “We always get the veggie pizza but add sausage and pepperoni. And get the Cheese Pull-A-Part — but not if you have to get into a leotard the next day.”

Café Shambala
382 Fourth Ave.
(801) 364-8558
“This is authentic Tibetan food, right in the heart of Salt Lake,” Tilton says. “They have a great vegetarian menu, and they have gluten-free selections. But my favorite is the glass noodles with this amazing grilled beef.”

Mezquite Mexican Grill
435 E. 400 S.
(801) 363-0788

“I’m from San Diego, so I crave Mexican,” Tilton says. “So I go to Mezquite — it’s open 24 hours, and it’s on par with California. Get the carne asada fries — fries with carne asada, sour cream, guacamole. I have to work that off by dancing.”

155 E. 200 S.
(801) 355-2287
“It’s like an old Al Capone throwback,” DeBona says. “When you walk in, there are black-and-white movies on the screens, and it feels like a different era. I get a different drink every time, but if you go, get the Moscow Mule.”