Nutritionist Cheryl Forberg
Chris Gill

Cheryl Forberg’s tips on healthy traveling in the new year:

“Make time for you. Schedule your workout just as you would an appointment or event.”

“Keep a food journal, which helps you stay mindful of what you’re eating.”

“Remove temptation and be prepared with a healthy snack, like a fresh apple and low-fat string cheese.”
Feeling good about what you eat while traveling just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Omni Hotels & Resorts. The luxury brand has joined forces with Cheryl Forberg, nutritionist for TV’s The Biggest Loser, to develop healthier menus at each of its properties nationwide. A James Beard Foundation Award–winning chef and dietitian, Forberg has been working with Omni’s restaurant staff to find creative solutions to both dietary constraints and the overuse of complex sugars. Some of her ideas: frying foods with gluten-free flour and substituting wild rice for white rice. “Just a few simple changes that wouldn’t require an overhaul of the entire pantry,” she explains.

Omni was among the first luxury brands to ban trans fat, and it has been long committed to helping travelers have a nutritious vacation. “Our real focus is on utilizing high-quality calories and ingredients,” says Forberg, “though much of what we do takes place behind the scenes.”

By late spring/early summer, the hotel brand also plans to roll out a new kids’ menu, which will include the inventive use of vegetables (think colors and shapes) along with appropriate portion sizes. “The kinds of items parents will enjoy ordering,” Forberg says.