another terrific resource is your state's department of agriculture, where you'll find guidelines on watering, mowing, and fertilizing lawns, along with specific information regarding which type of grass grows best in your area and when and how to plant the seeds or sod.

more resources:
fertilizing, pest control, planting, and trouble-shooting: scotts,

safety tips and product information: outdoor power equipment institute, inc., (703) 549-7600;

mowing, watering, and weed control:

on everything lawns:

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contact information

black & decker, (800) 544-6986;

friendly robotics, (888) 404-7626;

ginge, available through gardenstyles, (800) 356-8890;

in-ground lawn feeder, available from colington marketing co., (252) 480-0252;

john deere, (800) 537-8233;

lawn boy, (800) 526-6937;

lesco, (800) 321-5325;

milorganite, (800) 287-9645

simplicity manufacturing, (262) 284-8669;