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Nintendo 3DS offers a fresh perspective on handheld gaming.

After selling more than 144 million DS handhelds, Nintendo hopes its newest portable offering will prove equally successful. Offering a clearer view of 3-D gaming’s potential, the new dual-screened Nintendo 3DS (priced just around $250) delivers adjustable three-dimensional special effects on its 3.5-inch top display without the need for stereoscopic glasses. Capable of screening 3-D films as well as capturing 3-D photos via front- and rear-facing cameras, the 3DS isn’t just more affordable, durable and convenient than competitors; the Wi-Fi–enabled unit, which specializes in bite-sized, family-friendly play, also boasts more software. Think surefire crowd-pleasers like Mario Kart 3DS and Kid Icarus: Uprising, plus new entries in the Bomberman, Contra and Kingdom Hearts franchises.