With daylight-savings time a distant memory, and the shortest day of the year bearing down, wouldn’t it be swell if you could make your own sunshine? Guess what? You can’t.

Fortunately, with NiteRider’s new Storm H.I.D. (High-Intensity Discharge) headlamp, which pumps out enough light to rival a 40-watt halogen bulb, there’s no need to even try (OK, so Mr. Sun’s not exactly shaking in his boots, but it’s still a whole bunch of bright). Designed and marketed as a cycling light, the Storm nonetheless serves outdoor adventurers of every stripe, blazing paths for skiers, paddlers, hikers, and just about anyone loathe to obey the laws of nature and time changes.

The Storm is as unobtrusive as it is powerful, thanks to its nickel-metal hydride battery that weighs just 27 ounces, and tucks neatly into a jacket pocket or fanny pack. Best yet, the battery serves up enough juice to punch through four hours of night. Pick up a headlamp for $389 by calling (858) 268-9316 or visit