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Superfoods are all the rage among the health-minded set. Things like chia, açai, algae and coconut are being touted as miracle foods. But did you know they’re good for you outside as well as inside? Dr. Nicholas Perricone (the guru behind skin-care brand Perricone MD, loved by celebrities like Eva Mendes and Uma Thurman) does, and with his beauty-treatment line, Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, he’s harnessed the power of these superfoods by combining ingredients like ginger, apple, watercress, coconut, chia and melon with essential oils, superfood-derived antioxidants and his own proprietary sciences to create a nature-based picnic for your skin. And the packaging is greener than most, too, made from recycled paper and wood fiber, and manufactured in a wind-powered carbon-neutral facility. Our faves include O-Mega Oil Liquid Nourishment, made with chia and kukui-nut oils; the Head-to-Toe Hydration Kit, loaded with coconut water and oil goodness; and Sun Kissed tinted moisturizer, zipped up with tumeric. $20 to $50, www.getsuper.com