This just in: The best things in life are not free. They are Italian. And hand-built. Proof? Riva yachts. Ferraris. Borrelli suits. And that last one we can help you with, especially since the casual-dress thing at the office is so last year.
In a shop tucked between Fifth and Madison Avenues in New York, Borrelli’s wearable works of sartorial art are cut, stitched, and fitted just as they have been since 1895 — by hand, with 200 stitches per buttonhole, a lining that takes 3 hours to get just right, and 2 hours of ironing.
And that’s just the jacket. Out of the khakis, boys, and into your Borrellis. From $3,800. Borrelli, 16 E. 60th St., (212) 644-9610,
— Rob Brinkley