Best place to experience local culture: "The Mesquite Rodeo is about 20 minutes from Dallas. You get to see real cowboys riding broncos and bulls."

Best joint for Texas barbecue: "Sammy's is a lunch place that has the best barbecued beef, turkey, and pork."

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Best way to kill an hour:
"Window-shop on Rodeo Drive. You never know which famous person you'll run into."

Best restaurant on an expense account: "L'Orangerie is a French restaurant where you'd want to eat on your last day if you were a condemned man."

Best lunch on the run: "On Centenela, near Culver City, is Paco's Tacos. It always has lines around the block."

Best place to close a deal: "The Grill on The Alley in Beverly Hills. It has a clubby feel to it with high booths."
Best place to go after hours: "North, a nightclub in West Hollywood."

Best place to buy a suit or dress: "Hugo Boss on Rodeo Drive. They do magic and will put together any outfit you need."
Best place to buy a gift for the spouse: "Go to the Beverly Center. It's terrific."

Best place to buy gifts for the kiddos: "A hobby shop called Allied Model Trains."

Best place to experience local culture: "Go down to Redondo Beach for volleyball and surfing."

Best place to exercise like a local: "Crunch Fitness. They have wacky classes like gospel aerobics."


Best way to kill an hour:
"The Royal Academy of Art. Some of the world's most beautiful paintings are on display there."