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Happy New Year! So, are you all geared up for 2008? Do you have lots of plans to make yourself faster, better, brighter (slimmer)? I bought that Nintendo Brain Age game at the end of last year, and I swear I’m already brighter. Then again, positive self-delusion is one of my goals this year. We’re all making plans and resolutions for ourselves around this time of year, and we at American Way are also busy making them for the magazine; you’ll see some of our efforts in this very issue — starting with the cover. Have you figured it out yet?

Yes, we still have celebrities on the cover. And we also still have cover blurbs to entice you to look inside. But something is just a little different. See it?

Okay, I’ll tell you. Although we are still featuring celebrities, they’re no longer telling you about their favorite places in their favorite cities.

I posed the question to all of you some time ago, and the consensus was that you’ve grown tired of hearing about all the fancy places where celebrities stay and you want to know more practical and interesting travel tips. So we’ve changed our main story. (Who says the people have no power?)

In this issue, we join ranks with Jerry Jones and Roger Staubach. But instead of talking to them about the places they frequent in Dallas/Fort Worth, we chat about the building of “America’s Stadium” and their successful Super Bowl bid. And like the story, the photos are a candid look at this formidable duo.

But what about travel tips? you ask. Not to worry. We have you covered there too. (See, we were doing more than just Christmas shopping in December. Shew!)

On page 30, you’ll find a brand-new feature called Word of Mouth, which we’ll now have in every issue. For it, we talk to a chosen city’s local celebrities and find out which places they like to go to — places you won’t read about in every guidebook. It will be like having friends in a lot of different cities who can tell you all about their favorite little neighborhood venues.

This time, your “friend” lives in St. Louis, which is a city of many unsung gems. And we’re also hoping you’ll tell us about your own favorite places, so we can include them as part of this travel story. You can either share them with us at www.americanwaymag.com/favorites or send them in an e-mail to favorites@americanwaymag.com.

We hope many of you will take the time to contribute so that we can include your finds in the magazine. Just think — your name could be in print just for sharing your favorite restaurant or store or whatever!

So take a look at the changes we’ve made for you and tell me what you think. There are lots more coming throughout the year, so check back with me for the latest scoop.

In the meantime, I wish you the best of years, full of positive and successful journeys.

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Sherri Gulczynski Burns