Take a spin around the world at summer festivals celebrating food, wine, music, and a boat or two.

New Orleans Wine & FOOD Experience
May 24 to 28

If wine dinners, Champagne brunches, and a whole lotta jazz sound like your idea of a divine time, get thee to New Orleans and help city residents celebrate their rebuilding by chowing down on some of the finest regional vittles the United States offers up. www.nowfe.com

Sydney Film Festival
June 9 to 25

Calling all cinephiles: Go bleary-eyed with joy as you watch dozens upon dozens of soon-to-be-hot movies flicker across the screen. Then pop out for a refreshing beer and some of the best seafood anywhere in the world. www.sydneyfilmfestival.org

Royal Bank Glasgow Jazz Festival
June 23 to July 2

Take a break from castle hopping at this international music festival. Though there’s jazz in the name, the top talent who show up to play will tartan it up with a wide range of tunes, including blues, world music, and more. www.jazzfest.co.uk

Singapore Food Festival
June 30 to July 30

With about 40 events spread over an entire month, there’s plenty of time to sample a wide variety of local cuisine. By the festival’s end, you’ll be an expert on chilli crab and fish-head curry. www.singaporefoodfestival.com

Vancouver Folk Music Festival
July 14 to 16

Warm up with some tunes in the city that will also host the sure-to-be-freezing 2010 Winter Olympics. Get an earful of your favorite folk performers — and find some new ones as well. www.thefestival.bc.ca

National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta
July 14 to 23

Listen to some music. Buy some art. See a flick or two. And then, if that’s not enough, meet some of your favorite writers. It’s all right here. Shouldn’t you be? www.nbaf.org

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
July 16 to 30

Don’t just sit around and watch other people create stuff this summer. At the Fairbanks festival, you can take classes in everything from storytelling to percussion and beyond. But worry not, there’s plenty to sit around and watch as well. www.fsaf.org

Tenjin Matsuri Festival, Osaka, Japan
July 24 and 25

Take to the riverfront for this ancient festival, which dates back to the year 951. Area residents watch as boats with portable shrines are launched and fireworks explode overhead. www.tourism.city.osaka.jp