"Bayona is really good. The chef is Susan Spicer. I love their crawfish turnovers. And then there's Peristyle, a bistro that's on the site of a place where Tennessee Williams sat on the balcony and played poker. Another place I really love to go even though it is very touristy is Arnaud's. Arnaud's and Antoine's - those are two of my oldest memories. And, of course, going to Galatoire's is always fun. I order all the same things. I have a great fish dish or gumbo. I'm always trying out gumbo everywhere, and Galatoire's has some of the best. I love the turtle soup and café brûlot, flaming coffee that they make in front of you at Arnaud's, Antoine's, and Galatoire's. Ever since I was old enough to drink coffee, I've been fascinated with it. It's so exotic. The bananas Foster and all those flaming things were incredibly exotic for a little girl from Mississippi."

"Go to Café Du Monde and get the beignets and chicory coffee no matter what time it is. Chicory is a root, and it just makes the coffee really rich and thick. The beignets are awesome. They're square French doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. And I love taking a carriage ride to this day. They're parked in front of Jackson Square. Sometimes I would have them take me back to the hotel. Or I'd take a ride, just going around and around, always discovering something totally different. That's the ritual: Go to dinner, then Café Du Monde, then a carriage ride back to the hotel."