Behold the newest trend in home fragrances. Okay, so technically the sticks are called “reed diffusers,” and they’re hanging out in scented oil. But, really, who are we kidding? To us, they’re still just sticks in a jar. However, they work (as in really work). Stash a few of these babies around the house, and even the worst odors imaginable will be obliterated. Plus, the reeds are downright cool to look at. 

Pottery Barn Paperwhite Diffuser, $32.
Uncommon Goods Scent Diffusion by K. Hall Designs in Pomegranate, $40.
Nyakio Chai Fragrance Diffuser in Ocean, $54.
Alora Ambiance Reed Diffusers in Bella, $80.
Anthousa Bougainvillea Home Ambiance, $90; available at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Antica Farmacista in Pompelmo (grapefruit), $58; available at Neiman Marcus and

Styling by Kasha Pippin-McNichol/Independent Artists