High-tech fabrics and crushable clothes don't have to mean ugly and utilitarian. Promise. Here's everything you need - accessories, too - to stay stylish on the fly, no matter where you go.
"Packable" clothes. Hmm. The phrase may call up visions of springy,spongy wads of whatnot more suitable for a science lab than asuitcase. Fear not. Travel and fashion are no longer mutuallyexclusive. In fact, they're on good terms. Don't look now, butstretchy, lightweight microfibers and quick-dry synthetics havegone positively fashionable to create sleek, smart clothing, gear,and accessories. So dressing well while on the road - whether we'retalking sandals or sportswear, ski parkas or suits - suddenly looksa darned sight less daunting. Best of all? Form really does followfunction this time. High performance, meet high style.

Got business? Think sleek, with suits of lightweight wool orwool-and-feather-light-synthetic blends. They fold well in yoursuitcase - and speak well in the workplace.

On him: Lightweight wool-gabardine suit, $1,595; cotton dressshirt, $195; and striped tie, $125; all by Ermenegildo Zegna atNeiman Marcus. Leather and microfiber computer briefcase withlaptop-protection system by Tumi, $395. On her: Wool-and-viscosejacket, $875; wrap skirt, $345; and silk blouse, $350; all byArmani Collezioni at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Bag: Leathertote by Tod's, $1,100 at Neiman Marcus. Luggage: Corteccia suitcase(on floor), $2,330; and Corteccia duffel bag (on daybed), $5,720;both by Bottega Veneta.

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No more cold shoulders. Stave off chills with magicalfleeces and linings that keep you warm and toasty but don't makeyou look like a mound of marshmallows.